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The Swiss Fund is a private equity real estate investment fund that specializes in the German and Swiss commercial real estate markets.

The Swiss Fund focuses on high yield commercial real estate assets located in metropolitan hubs across Germany and Switzerland.

The Swiss Fund’s investment portfolio includes commercial real estate assets such as office buildings, shopping centers, retail spaces, industrial complexes, logistic centers and hotels, among others.

The Swiss Fund’s confidence in its investment portfolio derives from its exceptional insight into the German and Swiss markets, as real estate brokers with decades’ worth of experience.

The Swiss Fund’s unique investment framework is designed to offer investors maximum flexibility and high liquidity.

Investors at The Swiss Fund have full control over the choice of individual holdings that make up their investment portfolio and enjoy full access to real-time data on asset performance.

Each individual real estate holding on The Swiss Fund’s portfolio is structured around a distinct group of investors who specifically choose to take part in it, fostering a genuine sense of partnership.

Open, straightforward communication is key to our investment venture. Our multinational team of real estate experts is here to assist you in the language of your choice: Hebrew, English, German, French, or Spanish.

The Swiss Fund is up and ready to kick off a successful investment process
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